Arbitrage Pricing

Services for Amazon FBA 3rd Party Sellers

We understand the challenges that Fulfilled By Amazon sellers face over their importer/private label colleagues, The luxury of being able to purchase large stocks of single item shipment and ship them into a FBA warehouse, you will more than likely have lots of small to medium sized shipments with 2 – 10 pieces of each item, prepping these kinds of shipments can be time consuming, slowing or even stopping your sourcing activities. Let FBAPrep UK take the weight of preparing your products for inclusion in Amazon FBA inventory..

We offer a complete, from your armchair, receive, process and ship service, for all sellers on Amazon FBA UK and other European Amazon sites.

  • Receive your shipment
  • Inspection of items
  • Labeling
  • Bundling & Multi packs- Breakdown shipments and create bundles and Multi packs
  • Poly bag
  • Shrink wrap
  • Sticker or price tag removed
  • Expiration date stickers
  • Shipping Cartons 
  • Organise the shipping via Amazon’s partnered shipping provider, UPS (Prepaid shipping labels supplied by FBA seller)

We are firm believers in customer satisfaction and will always provide a professional presentation of your items. We guarantee it!

Our pricing is simple £1.00 per item flat fee.

This simple pricing structure enables you to quickly calculate your profit margins. Simply add £1.00 to the cost of each item, (bundle or multi-pack extra charges apply) to cover our service when calculating your margins. No more sticker shock when you’re invoiced and charged for services you may (or may not) have needed or actually received. We include it all.

Pricing as follows (includes inspection of all items):

 Inspect Only  – for co-mingled or Amazon to label
2) FNSKU Labelling
3) Sticker removal
4) Poly Bagging
5) Adding Expiration date labels or Anti Suffocation labels
6) Bubble wrap, shrink wrap

There are no box forwarding costs for the FNSKU labeling service however the minimum charge for a shipment is £20.

We include everything! Your days of buying printers, ink, bags, boxes, labels, shrink wrap, trips to the post office, etc. are now over! Not to mention the time involved in prepping your shipment when you could be spending more of your time on sourcing products.

Bundles and Multi-packs 

We can provide you competitive rates to create your bundles and multi-packs, this service will include Inspect, FNSKU, Poly bag or bubble wrap, Expiration date labels or Anti Suffocation labels, everything that is required, as each bundle or multi-pack is different, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Additional Services

Shipping Plan Creation

We can, on request create your shipping plan, depending on the quantity of SKU’s in your inventory listing, this can be a time consuming – we charge £0.05/item with a minimum fee of £5.00

Customer Returns

Sellers that wish to sell on international Amazon site MUST have a product return address based in that country, this can be a major stumbling block for many sellers, We can by prior agreement, be your product return address, for our overseas based customers.

Amazon will handle all Customer refunds and returns, if you are looking to have an item pulled from your FBA inventory for inspection to determine if the return is fit for resale, you can have it shipped to us. And at your discretion, we would repackage and send back to FBA or dispose of it. We charge an Inspection fee for all items return to the warehouse and then standard labelling and prep fees would apply to return the item to Amazon.


We are happy to store your items for upto 14 days to ensure you have a reasonable quantity to make the inbound shipping cost effective,
If we have to store your items for longer than 28 days, a storage charge of £12/CBM per week, with a minimum charge of £24/month, unless storage has been agreed with us and an appropriate rate agreed.

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All quoted prices Exclude VAT, VAT will be applied at the current UK rate.