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Services that we offer..

Amazon drives the quality of their customer experience, from researching products, right through to unboxing the item in the home, they pride themselves on the fact that, providing an excellent customer experience is one of the primary reasons customers buy time and time again from Amazon.

As an FBA seller, we have to play our part and ensuring our products arrive at the Amazon warehouse in 100% condition, including the retail packaging and of course the product itself, having your product arrive to the buyer and surpassing their expectations is key to receiving 5 Star feedback and growing reputation and your business.

Amazon will return or destroy (your choice) items that do not meet their packaging and labeling specifications.

Our services are designed to increase your return on investment by reducing wastage and increasing customer satisfaction, which would result in return buyers and better feedback.

We offer the FBA seller a full range of inspection and product preparation services, for sellers that purchase their products from overseas as an Importer/Private Label Seller and also for sellers that purchase products locally as wholesale.

FBA Essential Services

  • Product Inspection – Check the condition of your product and packaging
  • Labelling – Remove of price tags etc. Appling Amazon’s ASIN barcode label
  • OEM Branding & repackaging – re-packaging your product with branded materials
  • Bespoke Preparation Services – Creating bundles or Multipacks or reducing pack into smaller packs into polybag or Shrink wrap. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Premium Services

Premium Importer – End to End service – We collect from the factory and deliver to Amazon FBA

Done For You FBA – Complete ‘Hands free’ FBA business, you invest an amount of money and we provide you with returns better than keeping your money in the bank..on average 12% per year.