Labelling – Amazon FBA FNSKU Bar code

Amazon FBA operates a stock control based on a custom stock code, this code in the form of a bar code needs to be on each product that is in the Amazon stock system.




The Amazon inventory control system, Seller Central, makes it easy for these labels to be printed, either individually or as an A4 page of 27 labels, using Amazon’s system ensures that the labels are the exact standard required.

We would ask you to access your Seller Central account and ‘print off’ (as a pdf document) and email the 27 labels per item, we will print and affix the label, ensuring that the item will be accepted by Amazon without further expense.

There are Amazon produce tutorial videos that demonstrate the process of generating the ’27up labels’ you can view that video here


NB. If you are ONLY selling your private labelled product on Amazon or eBay, you can have the FNSKU bar code incorporated into your bespoke packaging

Our other standard and bespoke services

FBA Prep UK offer other services that can assist you in selling your products on the Amazon FBA platform, including Applying the ASIN label to each item. A bespoke service could be putting a Branded Drop tag on your dog crate or full colour instructions Inlay in a clear plastic shell, or even inserting an Instruction or contact sheet into the items retail box.

Why not try our complete importing service, the Premium Service, we can collect your goods from the factory or port depending on FOB or EXW), arrange the appropriate shipping method,  receipt goods and clear customs and then ship them to our warehouse, our team will unpack, inspect, repack and apply your Prepaid UPS shipping labels to organise the collection and notify you throughout the process.