Private Label and Wholesale Services

Private Label and Wholesale Services 

Prep Services for bulk quantities

We offer a complete, from your armchair, receive, process and ship service, for all Bulk Product sellers on Amazon FBA UK and other European Amazon sites.

  • Receive your shipment
  • Inspection of items packaging for damage and barcodes for integrity..
  • Replacement of damaged packaging, if supplied – We would advise that you request 20-25% of the shipment as spare flat packed boxes
  • Labeling – applying FNSKU and other labels, Suffocation warning labels etc.
  • Bundling & Multi packs- Breakdown shipments and create bundles and Multi packs
  • Poly bag
  • Shrink wrap
  • Expiration date stickers
  • Shipping Cartons 
  • Organise the shipping via Amazon’s partnered shipping provider, UPS (Prepaid shipping labels supplied by FBA seller) or Palatalised delivery via a Amazon approved road freight service.
  • Deal with the VAT and Duty invoices from your courier service, a payment service for these charges can be made on your behalf (15% admin fee apply)

Pricing for complete service

1) Inspect Only  – £0.29/item (includes replacing damaged packaging, if supplied)
2) Inspect & FNSKU Labelling – £0.49/item
3) Inspect, Poly Bagging & FNSKU Labelling – £0.69/item
4) Adding Expiration date labels or Anti Suffocation labels – £0.10/item
5) Adding Branding labels or Inserting a flyer or business card – £0.10/item

If you have a bespoke service requirement please contact us for a personalised quote.

We are firm believers in customer satisfaction and will always provide a professional presentation of your items. We guarantee it!

Quantity Discounts

When you send us single SKU quantities, we are delighted to offer you a scaled discounts of:
From 251 – 500
between 501 – 1000
More than 1001 pieces of any one item/SKU.

What is a single SKU? A single SKU is all the same item and colour and size that will have the same UPC/EAN number and we will be applying the same Amazon FNSKU.

Premium Importer 

We are told that most people new to importing and selling private label products on Amazon worry more about the shipping and customs clearance process than any other part of the procedure.

The Premium Importer service takes away the worry and confusion, by collecting your products from the factory (EXW) or port (FOB), organising freight and import duty, taxes and customs clearance, ensuring all the paperwork is correct to ensure a smooth progress into the country, we take delivery of your goods at our warehouse, process and dispatch to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Every shipment is different, for us to give you a personalised quote for your Premium Importer service, we require the following information:

Collection point – If FOB which port or Airport. If EXW Full Address of the factory
Number of Cartons
Size of Cartons
Weight of Cartons
Or the Gross weight and CBM of the shipment, depending on what information your suppler has given you.

Import Duty & VAT

We can also give you an estimate of the Duty and VAT charges, if you can supply the Commodity Code (or HS code), or a description of the goods and the Total Invoice value.

Taking the care of this critical part of the import, after placing the order for your goods you can just sit back a wait for the Amazon to transfer your sales money… easy importing..

Shipment Notification

We ask that you give the warehouse fair warning that a shipment is due to be delivered, this way we can ensure that we have space and resources scheduled to deal with it in a timely manner.

Shipment Forwarding

If your products do not need any prep work and simply needs to be received and shipped on to an Amazon warehouse, we provide the following services::
A) Products remain in original shipping cartons, we remove all shipping labels and barcodes and place an Amazon shipment label on shipping cartons and ship to Amazon = £5.50 per box
B) Items that need to be repackaged (when no prep is required) for shipment to different Amazon warehouses or to consolidated shipping costs = £7.50 per box received or per box sent out (whichever is greater),

Additional Services

Customer Returns

Sellers that wish to sell on international Amazon site MUST have a product return address based in that country, this can be a major stumbling block for many sellers, We can by prior agreement, be your product return address, for our overseas based customers.

Amazon will handle all Customer refunds and returns, if you are looking to have an item pulled from your FBA inventory for inspection to determine if the return is fit for resale, you can have it shipped to us. And at your discretion, we would repackage and send back to FBA or dispose of it. We charge an Inspection fee for all items return to the warehouse and then standard labelling and prep fees would apply to return the item to Amazon.


We are happy to store your items for upto 14 days,
If we have to store your items for longer than 28 days, a storage charge of £12/CBM per week, with a minimum charge of £6/week, unless storage has been agreed with us and an appropriate rate agreed.

Getting Started

Ready to get started?

Get in touch as soon as possible, we can setup an account quickly, please read out Terms & Conditions..

All quoted prices Exclude VAT, VAT will be applied at the current UK rate.