The good things our clients say about us!!

” Thank you, thank you, thank you! Greg and the team, you guys ROCK! I’ve been using FBA Prep UK a couple of times now and I’m one happy customer. Everything works out so smoothly! Definitely a 5 stars+ experience! ” – Marius Gabriel Mogoş

…And this:

” I have been selling on Amazon US for almost a year now and only recently had my first shipment to Amazon UK. It was quite an experience for me in this new journey in becoming a new seller on the UK site. Lots of my success in getting my products from Singapore to UK and now having my products listed on Amazon are due to the great support I received from FBA Prep UK. Greg Jones and his team deserves a 5-Star rating for the services they provided. I encountered a few unexpected difficulties pertaining to creating new product pages on Amazon and I was also traveling during that period to countries without reliable Internet access. But FBA Prep UK was very accommodating and supportive as I struggle to overcoming issues after issues. Their understanding and readiness to assist help to lift tons of burdens. I am therefore putting on record my appreciation to FBA Prep UK for all the assistance and the great services they provided.” – Kee Guan Hin

And another..

“I’ve been using FBA Prep UK for several months now and would just like to say to anyone sitting on the fence about using a UK prep service that this service is the real deal. Greg Jones, the head honcho is excellent and will go the extra mile to ensure really good service. My shipments have been 100% correct upon arrival at FBA fulfillment centres( I wish the same could be said of our US prep services) and I can highly recommend
this service. Prices are reasonable too!” – John Stevinson